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Osun 2018 Election breakdown
INEC releases schedule and dates for the Osun state Elections
1. Notice of elections 23rd June 2018
2. Commencement of Campaigns by political parties in public 24th June 2018
3. Collection of forms for the elections by political parties at INEC HQ 25th June 2018
4. Conduct of party primaries including resolution of disputes arising from the primaries 24th June - 21st July 2018
5. Last day of submission of forms CF001 and CF002 at the INEC HQ 24th July 2018
6. Publication of Personal Particulars of candidates (CF001) and list of candidates 31st July 2018
7. Last day for withdrawal by candidate(s)/replacement of withdrawn candidates by political parties - 8th August 2018
8. Last days for submission of nomination forms by political parties - 22nd August 2018
9. Publication of official register of voters for election - 23rd August 2018
10. Publication of final list of nominated candidates - 23rd August 2018
11. Publication of Notice of Poll - 7th September 2018
12. Submission of names of party agents for the election to the Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC) - 8th September 2018
13. Last day of campaign - 20th September 2018
14. Day of Election - 22nd September 2018

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