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Members of the Nige­ria Union of Teachers (NUT) in Osun State have urged the state House of As­sembly to empower the Univer­sal Basic Education Commission (UBEC) to handle primary school teachers’ salaries.

They demanded that the House should place teachers’ salaries and emoluments in the first line charge from the Federal Allocation in the proposed Local Government Au­tonomy Act.

The union’s members, who besieged the House in their hun­dreds on Tuesday, carried placards with inscriptions demanding for the special funding of primary education.

The NUT State Chairman, Comrade Wakeel Amuda, said that the step became imperative to save primary education from col­lapse.

He said that primary education funding had suffered a serious set­back when it was under the man­agement of local government.

Amuda said that the union was not against the proposed local government autonomy but hinted that teachers were owed salaries for several months in some states in 1994 when local governments controlled primary school funding.