Nothing is impossible in NIGERIA. The leaders can decide to make life unbearable for the citizen at will. They can increase prices of kerosene, gas, petrol, light and foods at will. The funny part is when prices goes up.

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it doesn't go back to same old price never in NIGERIA, we can NEVER get things the same price we get them in 3years ago. Now I agree 100% that Nigeria should be recolonized. Nothing is regulated or controlled here.

No Political party can get it right in Nigeria with this kind of system and groups of people, not to mention a particular leader. God is watching you. Is this how you all receive the mantle in your hands. How did we get here?

The rich are becoming poor & the poor becoming beggars and beggars are dieing because of your inability to regulate things. Daily, prices of cement & building materials are skyrocketing. So, average Nigerian cannot even dare embark on building a small house, yet the house owners are increasing rent fees every month, if you can't afford it, you pack. That is how it is.

Honestly, can't we see that we need to sign an agreement with UNO or whichever body, that these our leaders in NIGERIA should all be enrolled for leadership training for 3 years in UK or another country with same Natural Resources as ours, so they understand how to take care of the regular average Nigerian.  Maybe if prices of things goes back to how it was in 3 years ago, then they can retry running this country, as of now, Nigerians should let her leaders go and relax and restrategise with no exceptions.

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Do they have a clue? I hope Six month more with this kind of leadership. A cup of rice wouldn't be selling at #500 while a Kongo would be #5000. Kerosene might be #1000 per liters and Cement #5000 for one. We need to act fast, or else we cry fast.

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Those who are hoping things would be better, I have a word for you. NOT THESE LEADERS, NOT this kind of DEMOCRACY AND NOT THIS groups of people who are struggling to lead us with no single progress than hardship.

This open letter is not to awake an uproar or to motivate citizens into unnecessary riot not to instigate people against government.

The sole purpose of this article is to call the attention of government, especially the country leadership to things that are needful to be regulated to make life easier for the tax payers and regular average Nigerian, such as Food, Shelter and Clothing (specifically, Prices of Kerosene, Gas, Light, Some Foods and Petrol etc).

God bless Nigeria, we are still hopeful for the best days to come.

What do you think?